Start with WHY: unlocking incarnational innovation

Start with WHY: How great leaders inspire action – by Simon Sinek

In one sense, this popular TED talk by Simon Sinek is about how leaders can learn to motivate change in people and organizations, and from that perspective alone it is worth watching by church leaders.

why-how-whatBut his “Starting with WHY” approach — digging down beneath the “What” of the things we DO, uncovering and the continuing to dig beneath the “How” of the gifts and skill sets we BRING, through to the “Why” of the VISION God has planted in our hearts as our reason for existance — can also teach us a lot about how to bring about INNOVATION in a incarnational, emergent, and authentic way.

And for those of you too fidgety to watch the whole 18 min. talk, here’s a 2 min excerpt.


3 thoughts on “Start with WHY: unlocking incarnational innovation

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