Introducing Guest Blogger Curtis Farr & an expanded Midrash

For some time now, I have been giving thought to how to raise the level of interaction and discussion on the Paradoxical Thoughts blog. Those of you who know me well know of my fondness for the ancient Jewish approach to Biblical study known as Midrash and those of you who don’t may have at least read my three-part series on Midrash on this very blog. I have increasingly found myself drawn to the possibility of transforming the Paradoxical Thoughts blog into a living, breathing, ongoing Midrash by inviting several other authors and bloggers to join me in offering regular posts of a Midrashic bent and engaging each other in a playful give and take.

Curtis Farr

Well…as Jesus was fond of saying, “Knock, and the door will be opened.” Right about then, I noticed that a former seminarian and mentee, the Rev. Curtis Farr, was beginning a weekly column at his new congregation in West Hartford Center, Connecticut, where he is the assistant rector. Entitled Into the Fire, his column for St. James Episcopal Church is a weekly contribution to the creative and imaginative process of interpreting the black and white fire of Scripture. Using an adapted process of Midrash, Curtis includes historical/cultural information, personal anecdotes, and other theologians’ ruminations on selected passages from the upcoming Sunday’s lectionary readings.

And now we are happy to welcome Curtis Farr as a regular guest blogger on Paradoxical Thoughts. All are welcome to journey into the fire by using the comment sections on the blog itself or on Facebook or Tumblr.


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