Just released on Kindle: “Excommunicating the Faithful”

How, in just a few hundred years, did the body of Christ evolve from an a-political, non-violent, trans-religious Jesus movement, populated predominantly by Jewish Christ-followers but rapidly opening to Gentiles who also wanted to follow Christ into an organized, hierarchical religion, which embedded itself with the State, embraced “Just War,” and excommunicated its last surviving Jewish remnant?  Howard answers this question with groundbreaking historical research and persuasive argument in Excommunicating the Faithful: Jewish Christianity in the Early Church, and makes clear the implications for today’s churches.

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“More pertinent and helpful than I could have ever foreseen, much less hoped for.”
 Phyllis Tickle

Note:  Excommunicating the Faithful: Jewish Christianity in the Early Church is based the groundbreaking research by the author for an honors thesis in Church History (the first honors thesis published by Virginia Theological Seminary). The current re-release expands on and updates Howard’s earlier work.


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