Sep 4 – Paul Jones – Bishop & Advocate for Peace

Sep 4 - Paul Jones

Paul Jones
Bishop and Advocate for Peace
4 September 1941

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From the Satuket Lectionary

Paul JonesPaul Jones was born in Pennsylvania in 1880. He attended Yale University and the Episcopal Divinity School [then called the Episcopal Theological Seminry] in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was ordained and served a mission church in Logan, Utah. In 1914 he was made Bishop of the Missionary District of Utah.

He was an outspoken pacifist, and when World War I began in 1914, he spoke against it. As the war progressed, and when the United States entered the war in 1917, many Americans were vehement in holding that pursuing the war was a moral duty, and opposition to the war was immoral. In the spring of 1918, yielding to pressure, Bishop Jones resigned as Bishop of Utah. He continued to speak out within the Church as an advocate of peace and the Christian renunciation of war, until his death on 4 September 1941.

by James Kiefer



One thought on “Sep 4 – Paul Jones – Bishop & Advocate for Peace

  1. I like Kiefer’s bios. Interesting to compare them with the Holy Women, Holy Men ones. One used to be able to find them all the HWHM ones on line, complete with comments gathered 2010-2011, which were left on until very recently and were quite interesting to read. Do you know if those comments are still available anywhere? Diocesan Convention required that they be gathered, and I wish I could still read them. The committee’s official initial report said not many people had commented, which I didn’t find to be true at all. –Anyway, now they’re doing something called “Cloud of Witness”–nice title, not sure what the differences are or will be. I need to take the time to read the description more carefully. Do you–or does anyone else– know anything about it?

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