Preparing Church Leaders for Congregational Diversity – A Survey

A Survey on Clergy Preparedness for Managing Theological Diversity

The Paradoxy Center for Incarnational Christianity and The Public Conversations Project are seeking the help of newly ordained clergy, congregational leaders, and diocesan deployment authorities in assessing the extent of an emerging educational need for aspiring and recently ordained clergy: How to deal with congregational conflict arising from theological differences. 

In the course of our work at The Paradoxy Center and The Public Conversations Projectwe are regularly called upon to help church leadership manage divisions arising from theological differences. And we have noted that in many cases, if parish leaders had known how to recognize, prevent and transform emerging conflict, and how to harness theological differences as congregational strengths, these differences might not have become divisive.

If we are correct, and the need is a deep and broad as we suspect, our two organizations plan to work together to create and deliver learning experiences that will help aspiring and recently ordained clergy deal more effectively with theological diversity.

If you share our interest in determining the need for education and training in managing theological differences and transforming emerging conflict into healthy diversity, please take a few minutes to complete the one of the online surveys below, selecting the survey option that best matches your role in the Episcopal community:

Thank you!


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