What People Say


Ken led the clergy of our diocese in a two-day, hands-on exploration of how we might help our churches transform conflict into healthy God-given diversity. No conference before or since has had such a dramatic impact on our clergy of our diocese.
Todd Ousely, Bishop of Eastern Michigan
LSHeadshot_200dpi1Ken has some of the highest relational skills of any person I have ever met. In our dealings together he has always displayed the highest levels of integrity, initiative, and industry. I can’t imagine a better consultant to move entrenched institutions into the future.
— Leonard Sweet, author, speaker, professor of evangelism



Howard gives us one of the clearest and most concise commentaries presently available about where the Church may reasonably be seen as going in this time of paradigmatic shift.

— Phyllis Tickle, author & lecturer


tom_b_webHis work is an original synthesis spanning many disciplines – he is offering a new and clear lens through which to view our unique gifts as followers of Jesus in the 21st century. He has mastered not only the content, but also the process by which we are transformed as leaders,.
— Tom Brackett, church leader, coach, blogger


paul-zahl-portrait-2-small-2I am so all about Ken’s vision. It contains real hope. I will be interested to see if we can buck the trend, and attempt to embrace this unconditional program. Like Fox Mulder of The X-Files, I Want to Believe…
— Paul Zahl, seminary dean & president emeritus 


KELO_090310_EdLeidel_mden is the quintessential transformational community builder. He understands where congregations get stuck, and he really gets how to get them unstuck. I have experienced Ken firsthand in the act of coaching over one hundred church folk into a clearer and more fruitful understanding of their incarnate identity and mission. His zeal for building “incarnational Christian community” is contagious.
— Ed Leidel, congregational coach, retired bishop


monkimage.phpKen’s natural gifts enable him to be a highly effective agent of transformational change. His mind is keen and agile and his manner is warm, genuine and amiable. He thoroughly understands very different points of view and can relate well to individuals who fervently hold contrasting positions. His combined intellectual and relational abilities enable him to facilitate positive change among individuals in situations where there has been intractable conflict.
— Paul Cooney, canon to the ordinary


AAEAAQAAAAAAAALLAAAAJDdlZDdmYzBlLTgyMDMtNDMxMy05YjNjLTU2MjVhNTg2ZGEzOAHe has that rare gift of making very complex matters understandable quite quickly.
— Amy Moffitt, editor and blogger




Ana-HernandezHis ability to hear where the people actually are in relation to the material presented is uncanny, and his knowledge of both resources and people allow him to hear the necessary next steps, and attend to them. This enables the people present to connect to the material from where they are, feeling affirmed in the knowledge they bring to the table.
— Ana Hernandez, composer, arranger, performer of sacred music


12277eaKen’s unique personal history gives him a perspective that most of us who were raised in the church and in the Episcopal Church in particular, do not have. It is this gift of personal history and experience that makes him an excellent communicator and guide on this exploration of faith and church.
— Robert Cornner, pastor & regional dean




hi_res-624x873Ken is both a practitioner and teacher of transformational ministry, offering a path to stronger community life in which members can simultaneously embrace their differences and avoid divisive polarization.
— Mariann Budde, Bishop of Washington




1273122_10201625235454299_1756966961_oHoward brings a new eye to old church issues beginning with the insight that the only answer to the question “Who’s right and who’s wrong?” is “Jesus.” The Left vs. Right/Conservative vs. Liberal wars are not worth fighting because there are no winners. A great message for a time of church schism. It’s only about relationship.
— Paul Andreson, pastor


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