About Us

The Paradoxy Center is now The FaithX Project — click here to visit our new site

Transforming the Church for the future while preserving the heart of the faith.
We help faith-based communities and organizations engage the future God has prepared for them to walk in by helping them rediscover that the heart of the faith is the love of Christ. We provide Training that Empowers, Programs that Transform, Resources that Make a Difference, and People that Have Been There.

Training that Empowers. Enabling clergy-lay leadership teams to facilitate the strategic transformation of their churches or church organizations in ways that enhance their capacity for belief without rigidity, inclusivity without ambiguity, distinctiveness without boundaries, conflict without schism, evangelism without proselytizing, us without them.

Programs that Transform. Biblically-grounded. Experiential. Practical. Tailored. Designed to equip church leaders with the insights and tools they need to lead from the Church’s future as it emerges.

Resources that Make a Difference. Books, free downloadable guides, and other resources designed help Church leaders to put their learnings to work quickly.

People Who’ve Been There.  The principles and practices I describe in Paradoxy: Creating Christian Community Beyond Us and Them, and which we share through The Paradoxy Center grew out of my nearly three decades experience working with faith communities around issues of new church and new ministry development, congregational vitality, and conflict transformation: first as a lay leader and consultant, then as the founding pastor of a diverse, vital, and growing congregation. Since the publication of Paradoxy and the founding of The Paradoxy Center, we have helped dozens of dioceses, organizations, and congregations begin re-paradigming themselves for their future through the practice of incarnational Christian community.


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